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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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storybook baby quilt
I completely fell in love with Storybook by Kate & Birdie when it was released, and then I came across the adorable Storybook Star Baby Quilt pattern on Moda Bakeshop. Shortly after that, my dear friend Lorelai found out she was pregnant which gave me the perfect excuse to buy the fabric! (I try not to buy fabric unless I know what I’m going to be using it for. Well, that’s the theory at least… doesn’t always work in practice. No one is surprised by that right? =D ) I made a small alteration to the pattern and bought an extra charm pack so that I could add prairie points around the edge. I like putting “taggies” on baby quilts for baby to play with. In the future, I will be putting prairie points on the quilt somewhere that is not on the edge ’cause wow, finishing that edge was a pain [...]
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Rococo Sailor Moon Costume Redesigns and Print Sale! After I finished my Sailor Moon Idol designs, I wanted to do some truly opulent, over-the-top rococo inspired Sailor Moon designs. I have so much nostalgia connected to Sailor Moon and magical girl series. The new Sailor Moon Crystal series has reminded me how much I love Sailor Moon and how each girl has her own personality and style. I came up with these Rococo designs inspired by the Japanese artist Sakizou, Japanese lolita fashion and a little bit of historical 18th and 19th century fashion.  Even though I’m a professional animation artist I’m also a cosplayer and historical costumer, so I wanted to make something beautiful and very detailed that a fellow costumer might enjoy making. I imagine them made with beautiful lace, elaborate trim and rhinestones. There are lots of special details in each Sailor’s outfit based on their personalities and original costumes. For example, Rococo Sailor [...]
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baby moogle costume
I love Halloween because it means I can dress up my brood. This year’s theme was supposed to be Final Fantasy with the Grub as a moogle and the Larva as a white mage. I got as far as making the moogle costume, but then I decided that we needed to do a theme as an entire family. The problem with that decision is that I no longer have a Final Fantasy costume and making new adult costumes is a lot more work than making kid costumes. Marcus and I do, however, both have Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes, so now I’m in middle of making new Avatar costumes for the kids. In the meantime, I decided to snap some photos of the Grub in her moogle costume. I use Simplicity 1767 as a base. I’ve used this pattern a few times and I always make a few changes. I make the sleeves [...]
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bangle bag
I love jade, and if I wasn’t spending all my extra money on pretty fabrics, I’d probably be spending it on on jade jewelry. I’m part of a forum for ladies who love jade and I’ve gotten to be good friends with a few of the members. A bunch of them got together and got me a gift when the Grub was born and it was the sweetest thing ever! It’s so amazing how the internet can bring people together, and it is awesome. =D I’m on a roll with the thank you gifts so for my dear jade sisters, I wanted to make some bangle bags for them to carry their bangles when traveling. I used this bag tutorial by KAU UZÊDA and made some small modifications. I needed to make 3 bags so I knew I was going to need a fair bit of fabric. I had just purchased a [...]
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I made Hello Kitty dresses for my twin toddlers for their 2nd birthday. I used Sanrio Hello Kitty fabric from Kokka Japan in pink and lavender and some red floral dot stash fabric as an accent. I used Simplicity 1433 as the pattern, but I left the tulle off and used some stash lace instead. All photos below by Amanda Rynda Photography! [...]
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