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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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I had a fabulous time at the Moon Crisis Sailor Moon art show recently at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim! If you weren’t able to make it out there will be another event at the show on August 9th (My birthday! ). (Facebook for the show here, and the August 9th event page here.) So many people came out with their hair in Usagi’s odangos or wearing Sailor Moon necklaces or costumes. There was just so much good feeling going around! And of course so much beautiful artwork.  You can find more photos on the LAWEEKLY report and more of my own at the bottom of the post as well. These were two of my original COPIC pieces for the show (Sold! Thankyou so much!) Below photo by Shannon Cottrell, LAWEEKLY of the curators and the gallery Below photo by Shannon Cottrell, LAWEEKLY Below photo by Shannon Cottrell, LAWEEKLY of some of my friends’ Sailor [...]
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It’s been a while since I posted about organizing my fabric, supplies and sewing area. The last time I posted about this was back in 2012 (photos at bottom of the post)! I’m still using the same system of ” bins for everything”. We’ve moved since the last time I did a big sewing area re-org and I have less storage space now due to the lack of a crawlspace. I can only look with extreme envy at all the gorgeous sewing area pins I see on Pinterest. Maybe some day, I can have a dedicated sewing room too! =) Last week, I finally decided I had to do something about the piles of scraps that have been building up on my sewing table. Scrap management was never much of an issue before I started quilting because anything smaller than 1/4 yard was probably never going to get used in a [...]
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Now that my baby quilt is done, I’ve been sewing bags again. The two I just finished  are barrel pouches that are supposed to be pencil pouches, but could really be used for anything. I made 2 of them one right after the other and I’m afraid my first attempt (the green one) was definitely a trial run. I’ve been pawning off my trial runs on my friends so I hope Mi doesn’t mind that hers didn’t come out as nice as my second attempt. ^^; I love how the the quilted diamond pattern came out, and I’m actually a bit sad that I decided to use pink for my second run instead of a color I like so that I could keep it. (I’m really not a fan of pink so that one is going on my Etsy shop.) This was the last of most of my Windsor Lane Bunny [...]
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Colette Patterns Space Moneta
Colette Patterns Knication Los Angeles/Anime Expo with Moneta and Mabel Patterns! Lately my uniform has been comfy knit dresses and skirts so I was excited to finally teach myself how to use my serger using these new patterns by Colette Patterns, Moneta and Mabel. I found Colette’s new book “THE COLETTE GUIDE TO SEWING KNITS” and the Sewalongs to be very helpful to figuring out the basics of using my serger and getting a rough handle on sewing stretchy fabrics. (You can also sew these without a serger.) My friend Judy gave me her older serger at least a year or two ago but I was too intimidated to learn how to use it. I’m very proud of myself for finally learning it and now I want to make way more knit and stretchy clothing! I made two Moneta dresses and one Mabel pencil skirt. Throwing on cute stretchy dresses like these is so easy and [...]
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moon crisis art show 2014
Moon Crisis Sailor Moon Art show at Rothick Art Haus THIS WEEK! So excited to be part of this show with so many amazing artists! You really have to go if you are remotely in the area. I will be there both the Opening and the Art Crawl Night selling prints and buttons. I worked really hard on creating three pieces for the show. Two are hand drawn with COPIC markers and one is a hand drawn but custom printed scarf! Rothick Art Haus 170 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, California 92805 Opening Night: 7/5/2014 6 PM Art Crawl Night: 8/9/2014 FREE TO ATTEND! Invite your friends! RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/695210717184615/ The official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MoonCrisis2014 There will be an online collector’s preview (artwork from the show available to purchase before the general public at opening night) on July 3rd. Email mooncrisis2014@gmail.com with the subject line “collector’s preview” stating you want to be on the list so you can obtain the info and password [...]
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