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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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Dicken’s Fair 2014 I was very happy to have time to go up to Dicken’s Fair this year. I hadn’t been in many years and I find it very charming. I made a new dress for this year. This is my first mid-Victorian gown. I had this beautiful hot pink plaid in my stash for years in mind for a gown like this, so I was very excited to finally make it. I borrowed a hoop from my friend Annie and my friend Judy made my bonnet as a gift for me. A picture showing the tatted collar my grandmother made which I added to my dress and the Love Token pin I made with my childrens’ initials on it. The “Lover’s Eye” I made of my husband’s eye and the ribbon trim I made. You can read more about how I made my dress here. Onward to Dicken’s Fair! This is a violin playing lady [...]
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design boards
I made some design boards this week! Actually, in my case, they’re more like project boards because I’m using them to keep my projects sorted and stacked. I’m currently in migratory sewing mode – I have no dedicated sewing space as Marcus has taken over my sewing table with his computer. I suppose the one downside of working from home is that we have to always have access to our computers. Since we converted the study into a temporary bedroom for the Grub, the computers had to be moved out, and my sewing table was the obvious place to move them. It’s only a temporary move, but in the meantime, my projects have to be cleaned up every night and put away. I’ve just been piling them in stacks on top of the dryer in the laundry room, and it was getting messy in there. I set aside a few [...]
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bangle bag
After my bangle bags were posted to the jade forum by my jade sisters, I got some requests to make more. I had some free time after Halloween, so I whipped up a few. It would have gone fairly quickly except that my maternity leave ended and I went back to work 2 weeks ago. I’ve been completely swamped trying to catch up. I’m actually really enjoying being back at work, but it’s left very little time for sewing, sadly. Here are photos of the bags I just finished. I used fabric from Slipper Roses by Tanya Whelan. Here’s bag design #1. And bag design #2. The 4 bangle pouches are the same on both bags, but the outside patchwork fabric is slightly different as is the fabric used on the inside. Next up: Dickens Fair costume for the Larva! Linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday. The post More Bangle Bags appeared first on [...]
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Just a quick post! I finished my cotton plaid Colette Dahlia pattern dress! It’s not exactly adventurous of me to make a plaid dress when one of the sample dresses was plaid, but I had already wanted to make a plaid dress and loved how their’s looked! I also loved that I was able to find this fabric for $2 a yard. Score! The pattern went together pretty easily and I liked how it was designed to work well with stripes and plaids. They even have a special PDF for tips for matching stripes and plaids. I added pockets. [...]
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Pinup Parade Outfit
Pinup Parade 2014 at Disneyland with Pinup Girl Clothing! I bought a beautiful Aurora Castle Print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing a few months ago. Since we recently got annual passes to Disneyland I wasn’t going to miss the Pinup Parade event at the park this week! It’s a twice annual event. I really love vintage and retro style so it was a real treat to enjoy the park with lots of other folks in lovely outfits. On top of the fun pinup style a lot of people also combine it with “Disney Bounding” which is when you do a fun outfit inspired by a Disney character. I decided to take my Aurora dress and do a Sleeping Beauty inspired coordinate/DisneyBound. (Make it blue!) It was an obvious but fun choice for me especially since Disneyland’s castle is Sleeping Beauty’s. I added a gold necklace a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright tiara and the Sleeping [...]
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