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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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I had a bit of spare time yesterday so I hauled out my recently finished teacup quilt for photos. This is actually one of the very first quilts I ever made but it’s been sitting in my closet waiting for the day that I felt confident enough with free motion quilting to attempt quilting it. I finally came to the conclusion that FMQ and I are not going to be getting acquainted anytime soon, so I sent this off to be quilted. I used the Tea Cozy pattern out of McCall’s Quick Quilts. The fabric is a mix of Lakehouse Dry Goods and Bunny Hill’s Windsor Lane collections. I love these fabrics so much! How can you go wrong with teacup fabric?! And the back is super cute too… I haven’t decided yet where I want to use this quilt, so for now it’s hanging out on top of my fabric bins. The post [...]
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Tako Sun Hat
Last month, I released my very first PDF pattern: the Tako Sun Hat. I’ve been meaning to blog about it but somehow, I never got around to sitting down and doing it. I suppose it’s because I don’t really have a whole lot to say other than: first foray into PDF Patterns… yay! =D I needed to make a hat for the Grub to take to preschool so I decided I wanted to try to make a hat based on takochu, a Japanese octopus stacking game. I have a slight obsession with takochu and I own a lot of them. I has a very much incorrect assumption of, “Oh hey as long as I’m making a pattern, I might as well write up a PDF pattern ’cause it will easy, right?” WRONG. It took so much more time than I ever expected. I had a ton of fun doing it but [...]
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I had a lovely time at Fanime 2016 Artist Alley! I really enjoyed being able to exhibit at Fanime’s Artist Alley this year. I don’t do Artist Alley or dealer’s booths that often and this particular con had a really wonderful selection of talented artists attending! I loved looking around the alley multiple times admiring all the artwork! I hope I can go back again next year! I felt like I learned a lot from this experience, seeing so many awesome artist setups, and I’m looking forward to doing more Artist Alley in the future. My next one will be CTNX 2016. Huge thanks to my friend generous Annie for sitting with me most of the weekend so that I could take breaks! My friends Gina and Judy also brought me food! On top of admiring the art in the Artist Alley, I really enjoyed seeing cosplayers and fashionable folk walking by. Here’s a [...]
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I made these unicorn print dresses for the twins this spring and forgot to post them here!  These were made with the Rosemary and Matilda patterns from Violette Field Threads.  The fabric is “Far, Far Away” from Heather Ross and is a particular favorite of mine! It’s inspired by the famous unicorn tapestries. One of my favorite animated films as a kid was the Last Unicorn, which also has artwork in it inspired by these tapestries. I’m still hoarding several yards of this to make another special dress with later! I’ll be sad when I run out. The twins seemed to find these dresses pretty and comfortable. They loved that I added little basic square pockets for them. Kids love pockets! The dresses themselves were relatively easy to make and I liked the elastic aspect of them. Since they are larger than they need to be and are fit through elastic, [...]
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Now that Fanime is over I’m ready to sell some of my new prints and charms online! Please email me at sweetmomokoATmac.com (replace AT with @ ) ———-CHARMS: $8 a piece, $15 for 2. kyubi nine-tails charm sleeping kitsune charm pink/purple cat “happy” mermaid charm – ALMOST sold out green/orange cat “bitey” mermaid charm – SOLD OUT All charms are 1.5″ clear acrylic charms and are double sided, so there is a different cat mermaid on each side of the charms, and the kitsune on one side is sleeping and on the other side is yawning for example. They come on a snake chain and include a glass random colored crystal charm or a bell (you can request whether you want a glass charm or a silver bell.) ———-PRINTS: 5×7″ prints are $3, 2 for $5 8×10″ prints are $10, 3 for $25 11×14″ prints are $15, 2 for $25 Shipping depends on what you are buying, I will ship the cheapest [...]
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