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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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Idol Sailor Moon Sailors
PRINT SALE! Hi, folks! I have four new images for sale and previous images for sale, too! I really appreciate your support through print sales. It helps me afford to have time to make more art. If you would like to buy a print of any of these please email me at sweetmomokoATmac.com (replace AT with @) with the Subject Line of “PRINT SALE”. The unicorn, Elsa, Sherlock come in 8×10″ ($8) and 11×14″ ($12) Poison Ivy comes in 8×12″ ($8) and 11×14″ ($12) Groot, Sailor Moon Graphic Brooch and Cherry Bomb come in 8×10″ ($8) and 11×17″ ($12) All single-Sailor (Idol or Rococo) prints are available in sizes:  8×12″ ($8) The composite Inner Senshi (Idol or Rococo) prints are available in sizes: 8×12″ ($8), 11×17″ ($12) and a large 20×30″ ($20) poster size! All prints bought directly from me will be signed. I will also combine shipping if you order multiple prints. Please note that this is a preorder sale [...]
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Come See Me at Anime Los Angeles! I’ll be at the Artist Alley most of the weekend at table 22A! I’ll have my new Idol and Rococo Sailor Moon prints as well as these four new pieces and lots of other stuff! Woo! [...]
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lunch bags
I decided to round out my over-achiever Mom streak by hand-making holiday gifts for the Larva’s daycare teachers. I made lunch bags and filled them with chocolate chip cookies. I used the bag pattern from Pink Penguin with some really cute cotton prints I picked up at Joann. I love how these came out! Some up close shots… I have to say that the cookies, while yummy because even I can’t screw up Ghirardelli cookie mix, were not nearly as pretty as the bags. It’s pretty obvious that my strengths do not include anything kitchen related. I’m going to have to work on that. =D And that was the last sewing of 2014. Time to start planning the 2015 projects! The post Cute Lunch Bags appeared first on Confused Kitty Creations. [...]
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It’s almost 2015…! I hope you had a great year. Thanks for following me! Here’s a few of my favorite artworks I did! A lot of Sailor Moon this year! I got tired thumbnailing all the sewing projects so here’s just a few of my favorite artworks instead of all of them from this year. And here’s most of the things I sewed this year! whew! Pretty industrious for a mom of twins. haha. Here’s to making a ton of silly things next year, too! [...]
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vintage victorian family photo
I’ve been so swamped under holiday sewing last few weeks! I’m finally done so I got some time to post, and I wanted to show our holiday card. I’m not very good at the holiday greeting card thing. In fact, I have never sent them out before. It always seemed like way too much work and other then sending photos of my cats (and have you ever tried doing a photoshoot with cats?), I couldn’t really think of anything appropriate to put on the card.  The advent of the brood has me re-thinking my stance though, and when I found out Tiny Prints would mail the cards for me, it seemed like I was out excuses for not sending cards this year. I love seeing themed family photoshoots (no surprise right?), so I wanted us to do one too. I’ve got a whole list of themes I want to do. This year’s [...]
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