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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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Mouse and Stars Baby Quilt
Last November, a dear friend told me she was pregnant. She’d waited until pretty late to tell people and I was so thrilled for her! And then I started panicking that I wouldn’t be able to get a quilt done for the new baby. So, everything went on hold for a bit while I rushed to finish this Mouse and Stars Baby Quilt. My friend and her husband own some pretty cute rats and I thought it’d be appropriate do a mouse/rat theme. I had a hard time finding inspiration because a search for mouse themed quilts mostly turned up Mickey Mouse quilts. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I went down the rabbit hole of related pins on Pinterest, and stumbled across an adorable mouse applique from Embroidery Library that I decided to base the quilt around. I used the Sweet Dreams Baby Quilt pattern and altered it to adjust for the mouse [...]
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Star Wars Family Photo
This year’s holiday theme card was of course: Star Wars! I am so so grateful to Jeff Kuo, who is my go-to photographer for everything. He’s so great to work with, so versatile, produces amazing photos, and I love his cat. =D He was also incredibly forgiving of me for waiting until the last minute to pester him for photos. I had grand plans to do the holiday card photoshoot in November and be all on top of it, but I ended up having an emergency quilt to finish in November (which I’ll blog about later), so I didn’t get my imperial officer costume done on schedule, and the photoshoot ended up getting pushed into December. One of these years, I will actually get my act together so that I will not have to pay the rush fee for the card printing. Thankfully the only costume I had to make was mine. The Princess [...]
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I-Spy Quilt
For Christmas, I made an I-Spy quilt for The Brood, which they love. I’m really happy they like it because they were pretty apathetic about the other quilts I made them (which is fine, I don’t expect a baby to have much of an opinion about which blanket they’re spitting up on). =D I almost wish I had made the quilt bigger with more blocks except that I didn’t want to sew more blocks… I-Spy quilts require a bit of planning because getting enough blocks takes time. I think the best way is to join a swap group. I joined the I-Spy swap group on Yahoo Groups which is a very well run group. I participated in 4 swaps before I had enough blocks to make my quilts. I made 2 I-Spy quilts at the same time, one for my brood and one for Aimee’s girls. Each quilt had 56 blocks [...]
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Just got back from China/Taiwan. I have a million photos to crawl thought but I thought I'd post the Summer Palace ones first.We were actually really popular with the other tourists there which was really cool! Apparently they get a lot of people in traditional type clothing at the Summer Palace so the staff there didn't even blink an eye at us. We got waylaid for photos a lot, but this group of schoolgirls were so cute that we asked them if they'd take a photo with us. =DAnd now I am going to go attempt to put my internal clock back on pacific time. =P [...]
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Still in China! Here's a couple pics for now. We're having a super great time. Great Wall, Forbidden Palace, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace were all epic. I'm even getting a custom chinese-style top made. Pic it up tomorrow. Probably the most epic, for dorks like us was cosplaying at the Summer Palace in the outfits we made. Still have a day or so left, see you on the other side.Me, "Cheryll", AJ, "Char" and Judy on the Great Wall.AJ and Judy at the Summer Palace [...]
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