About Us

What is HCC Cosplay?
We’re a California based group of gals who like to costume. We can be found attending most of the California conventions and we like to compete occasionally. We cosplay because it’s fun and an expression of fandom for us!
So, what does HCC stand for?
HCC did originally stand for something but we find it more entertaining to let people come up with their own interpretation. We’ve gotten some pretty funny and awesome ones so let us know if you think of any.
What’s up with the site name?
HCC.com was taken so in a moment of genius (or geekiness), Cheryll came up with the site name basing it off the official site for the Matrix (whatisthematrix.com).
How do you pick your projects?
Whatever we happen to be into at the time and want to cosplay together. We tend to like the same things so it’s pretty easy to find something to do as a group. If anything, we have too many projects we want to do and not enough time!
Who makes your costumes?
We do! We help each other out but we pretty much all make our own costumes.
Why are you ignoring my email?
We’re not intentionally ignoring your email but only one HCC member handles all the emails. We try to answer all the emails we get but we tend to fall behind with how busy our lives are. Please be patient with us. Thanks!
What is Takarazuka?
Takarazuka is a all-women’s theater company in Japan that we are fans of. Many of us have been to Japan multiple times to watch their shows and we love cosplaying from it because the costumes are so elaborate and beautiful.