Fabric Stores 

LA Fabric District
Best place to shop for fabric, trims and rhinestones. We love shopping here, especially when we’re buying fabric in bulk for group projects as you can bargain the price down.

SF Bay Area Stores
This is a link to a list we compiled of San Francisco bay area fabric stores.

Hard Costuming Suppliers

Our new favorite place to shop for carcinogens resins and mold making materials. They’re very helpful over the phone and shipping is reasonable. Located in the Los Angeles area.

Tap Plastics
One of our favorite places to shop for hard costume supplies. The people who work here can be quite resourceful if you take your project into them and ask for help. Most of their locations are in Northern California but you can order from their website as well.

We just started using these products. They require a little more know-how than Tap Plastics but there are lot more options. You also need to have some skill just to figure out their not-so-intuitive website.

Reynolds Advanced Materials
If you are on the west coast, this is the place to order Smooth-On products. Shipping is cheaper as they are shipping out of LA and not Pennsylvania. They are super helpful if you call them up!

Online Forums

Largest online forum for cosplayers. Great resource and a nice place to meet other costumers.

The Replica Prop Forum
Great forum for building costumes and props.