Bioshock 2

Bouncer Big Daddy – Judy
Rumbler Big Daddy – AJ
Big Sister – Cheryll
Spider Splicer – Char
Dr. Sophia Lamb – Aimee
Little Sisters – Kim & Melanie

Always up for a challenge, we decided to tackle designs from the hugely popular videogame Bioshock 2. Among other things we wiped out our local Home Depots of insulation foam, lost a ton of sleep, and almost injured ourselves multiple times in the process. Worth it? Totally.

Our skit at the Comic-Con Masquerade was pretty special in that we almost lost Judy getting up the stairs backstage in her 80lb (!) costume, Cheryll tripped past her and lost her lid (literally) getting on stage, and realizing that giant Big Daddy shoes = very very slow travel. Lesson learned!

Judy even got hired to wear her Bouncer Big Daddy at a themed wedding!


  • San Diego Comic-Con International “Best Workmanship” 2010