Takarazuka’s Elisabeth

Elisabeth is a famous German musical about the last empress of Austria-Hungary. In this musical, der Tod (Death) falls in love with Elisabeth, and through-out her life, he follows her trying to win her love.

Takarazuka has done this play in Japanese many times and it is one of our favorite shows so of course, costumes had to be made. Our costumes are a mix of the Soragumi and Tsukigumi versions.

The original group of Aya Mizu, Aimee, and Tristen Citrine competed at PMX 2005 and won Best in Show for their skit and costumes. AJ and Judy joined the group with their finished costumes for Animagic 2005.

We haven’t gotten a full group picture yet (isn’t that always the case?), but hopefully one of these days, we’ll all be together and have time to wear these costumes again.

Photos by dmk26, Oscar Chang


  • Pacific Media Expo “Best in Show” 2005