Rose of Versailles is a manga that Takarazuka turned into a musical in the 70s. It’s one of their signature shows that they perform every 5-10 years. Rose of Versailles was the first Takarazuka show a lot of us saw and it was love at first sight.

It’s always an adventure wearing these as the musemuyaku are kinda big in these costumes. Aimee’s dress alone is 6 feet wide. Big. =)

These costumes made their debut at Fanime 2005 where we performed in the masquerade. We wore them again at San Diego Comic Con where we did a skit wearing masks (which is why you might see us in these costumes looking a little freaky). We also re-made PositiveSpace’s costume which is why she shows up in 2 different colored outfits.

A bunch of us traveled to Japan in 2006 to see the Rose of Versailles performances. It was amazing and we all fell in love with this show again. There is sure to be more RoV costumes in our future!

Photos by KyleLionel


  • Fanime “Technical Achievement Award” 2005
  • San Diego Comic-Con International “Most Beautiful” 2005