Sakura Taisen Revue Outfits

In case you can’t tell, we like sparkly Japanese musicals and we love the Sakura Taisen musicals. These are the revue dresses / suits that get used in a couple of the shows. You’ll find that ridiulously shiny outfits makes us all really happy, so confetti dot is very much a yay.

We have all done multiple costumes from the series and cosplayed different characters so while we have a chosen character that we do most of the time, there is some hopping around. Like for AOD, Tristen Citrine cosplayed Kouran because the seiyuu was a guest at the con and our usual Kouran (PositiveSpace) doesn’t have a revue dress yet. After all, it’s just a wig change because all the revue outfits are the same!

Photos by Kyle, Sho Kurohashi