Trinity Blood

We like the anime and have spent an inordinate amount of time digging up whatever information and translations we could find. The story is cool and the artwork is phenomenal. In case you can’t tell, we like super complicated costume with a lot of fiddly bits.

Hundreds of hours were spent detailing these costumes with embroidery, hand dye-ing, beading, and cast resin pieces. Not to mention the hours spent on sewing and wig-styling. We should have started earlier but we waited until after SDCC to start and ended up making these costumes in a month. (We don’t recommend trying this… there wasn’t a lot of sleep in the month of August for HCC.)

This was truly a group effort: All of us chipped in to help each other out, even Cheryll who didn’t compete with the rest of the group. We’re really proud and happy with the results!

Photos by Sho Kurohashi


  • World Con “Best in Show” 2006
  • World Con “Best Anime” 2006


** Note: The skit was created purely as a stage presentation for an audience that didn’t know anything about Trinity Blood. It is not remotely accurate to anything in the anime, manga, or novels.