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We’re still around and costuming! We’ve definitely slowed down a lot though with life getting busy and some of us having kids (holy cow), but we’re all still active and you’ll see updates here and there.

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So, you want to make a Big Daddy (from the video game Bioshock) costume? Well. Hope you quite a bit of time. And a large working area.If you've ever attended one of my panels, you know my big "thing" about media recreation costuming is stressing the importance of proportioning. If each piece of the costume is correct to the source material in relationship to each other, it will look "right" to the audience. If it isn't, you can end up with tragic Bobblehead! Big Daddy, or something similar. I'm also 5'4". Not exactly Big Daddy height.So, looking at the reference material, I decided that I would go with my leg measurements to base the entire costume on. Especially since the big daddy has rather stubby legs. So, assuming that the top of my feet were at the top of his very tall shoes, and my hips were approximately where his [...]
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First, the girls are Teh. Awesome. No more needs to be said, really. Second, Cheryll wrote up an awesome backstage report with tons of photos. Go check it out, here! Third, I’m really really happy with how the Big Daddy Bouncer silhouette turned out. All that time with a calculator and ruler working on the proportions really paid off. I think I really nailed the shaping, plus I had every single part, even the ones I was thinking I wouldn’t finish. Yay! And I’m super big. About 7 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and about 6 feet deep. Woot. I’m not a big daddy. I’m a BIG DADDY. Fourth, all the crap I’m uphappy with, lol. * It’s just too $(@#$ heavy. At first, I thought just a metric ton of weightlifting training would solve that part (I had meant to undergo a training program prior to SDCC, but that was [...]
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from Judy
*collapses* Back from SDCC, more later [...]
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twjudy as Bouncer Big Daddytristencitrine as Spider Splicer Roseaimeekitty as Sophia Lambme as Big Sisterajmeow as Rumbler Big DaddyMy roommate and kitkat_nap as Little Sisters [...]
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We won Best Workmanship!I just did a quick search on Flickr to see if I could find any group photos of us, but no luck! Will report back when successful. [...]
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